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Getting Started

Why should my company want to do business with Sabine Hub Services?

In 1989 the Henry Hub was selected as the official delivery mechanism for the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) natural gas futures contract. The Hub provides access to more than a dozen interstate and intrastate pipeline interconnects (i.e., Texas Gas, Columbia Gulf, Bridgeline Holdings, Trunkline, Sea Robin, and Gulf South). If you're looking for liquidity, you're at the right place. Sabine Hub Services has expanded on this advantage to become the industry leader in hub management in North America by developing a series of value added services that help our customers meet their gas marketing needs.

What does the term IHT (Intra-Hub TransfersSM) mean?

IHT is a service mark created by Sabine Hub Services. It is a non-jurisdictional accounting service used to track multiple title transfers of natural gas packages at a market center. The IHT service facilitates the liquidity of natural gas transfers by insuring that each party in a transfer agrees to the amount and timing of the transfer. If there is a discrepancy, Sabine Hub Services will work with the parties to resolve the problem.

What does my company do to get started?

To apply for IHT (Intra-Hub Transfers) Service you're in the right place. Our web site contains two forms which need to be filled out. You can navigate there by clicking the Forms tab (right next to the FAQs tab) and then clicking the blue Request button, or you can click this link directly: REQUEST.

Then click on the first link to download the Request For Agreement form. You should save this form to a different location on your computer (i.e., c: drive). Then click on the second link to download the Credit Application form. You should save this form to a different location on your computer (i.e., c: drive) as well. After you complete both forms, please e-mail them to: Sabine Hub Services or fax them to 214-953-9597.

After your credit application is reviewed and approved, we'll call you and give you a six-digit IHT number. This unique number identifies your company as you trade gas with other companies doing business at the Hub. Shortly thereafter, you'll receive documents (for your signature) and nomination instructions via e-mail.